*Wee Pecky*

Our smallest hen, and not in good health, unfortunately. The condition of the hens varied a lot when we got them, and wee pecky is hanging in there. We try to give her extra food and had her indoors for a few nights to give her a break from the pecking order, but we are concerned for her. She’s a total darling. Look at the poor wee thing compared to the better off individuals
update on Wee Pecky, she is still hanging in there, and we are giving her extra food and water to keep her strengths up. As the weakest hen in the group, unfortunately she gets bullied like only hens know how to.

She likes to sit close to you for protection and for comfort, she knows we spoil her when we can. The rest of the time she hides in the nest box usually, where she can get some peace. having lots of outside space to scratch around in keeps the other hens occupied, the bullying is worse when boredom kicks in. Wee pecky must have had a rough life in the confines of the commercial barn where she grew up.