Sheep - Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland - TASS

our flock of 30 sheep came from lots of different circumstances. Some of them were hand reared as lambs and spared the slaughterhouse because they became pets, unfortunately the original owner couldn't look after them anymore.They are trusting ans very friendly, love a scratch behind the ears and are very fond of snacks.

Some are all young males, they were surplus to requirements like pretty much all male sheep, and were due to be slaughtered. Luckily for them a kind soul couldn't stand this idea and rescued them, now six of these boys live with us. They were skittish and frightened when they first arrived, but now they are learning how to accept human friendship from the other sheep, and hopefully one day we will be scratching them behind the ears, too.

we hand reared some lambs that were 'spare lambs' that sheep farmers were getting rid of for free because they couldn't rear them. These came to us as day old babies and we bottle fed them and they got integrated into the flock when they were old enough.

Our two Ryeland sheep Teddy and Scotty are a retired stud and his companion.


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