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Watch elvis eat a bunch of grapes, and the spit the stalk out! So clever 😂🍇
All the other pigs chew the stalks up with the rest of the grapes and swallow them
This girl has moves!

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Elvis (she/they) moved to the sanctuary today! She seems to be quite a laid back girl, friendly and doesn't appear to be overly stressed at this massive change of circumstances.
She sniffed a few other pigs through the gap under her stable door, but didn't freak out, which is great.
She does appear to be the sweetest girl!

And a micro pig she ain't, we think she's more the size of Cricket 😂🐖🐽🐷

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We are taking in a new pig on Saturday 😁❤️🐖
It occurred to us that with a bit of jiggery pokery, we could free up a stable and just then, as if by magic, we were asked to take this pig 😂
It's amazing to be able to say 'yes' to a new pig for once!!

Meet Elvis, a 2 year old female, who is currently living in a garden. Her previous owner went away to college, and the parents decided they didn't have the time for her and that she should live a fuller life.
We hope she will love it here, although it will be hard for her at first... She hasn't had any pig company since her mum, and it will be a lot for her to take on board, but we will take it slow with the introductions until we get to know her and what will work best for her.

We harbour secret hopes that her and Francisco will become buddies, but with pigs- who knows!

We are celebrating elvis' arrival with a piece of virtual cake, baked by Fred Murray (16) in honour of Pig Week


#newpig #friendsnotfood #celebration #vegansanctuary
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We have special fridge magnets for Pig Week!
Now that you can hold your own in any chat about pigs, let's get the conversation started 🐽😁

Be a pig advocate and put this magnet on your fridge, locker, toolbox, cash register... Anywhere where it can start a conversation about how awesome pigs are.
If people knew how intelligent and wonderful pigs were, they would see that there is no difference between your dog and your pig, so why eat one and not the other?

And, who wouldn't want a picture of this 'little' pudding on their fridge? 😍

The magnets are £2 each, and £1p&p.
PayPal us at
Pm us your address and we will post them to you

let's get the pig chat going

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As TASS Pig Week draws to a close, maybe you have thought about living with pig companions?
If you can offer a secure and loving home to at least two of these incredible animals, you would be spoilt for choice.
Obviously we completely condemn the idea of going to a shady 'micro pig' breeder, and promote the concept of 'adopt, don't shop'.
Before pigs were thought of as companion animals by some of us, a spare pig would have gone straight to slaughter. Now we have wonderful, hardworking people looking to find new homes for pigs who need them. 🐽😊
Pigs In The Wood is a pig sanctuary in the UK who run a rehoming page, they do incredible work, but are hard up against it with the sheer number of pigs looking for new homes.
Look up PITW rehoming, maybe there is a way you can help....?

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Max and Vera are our two mini pigs, and being the smallest of them all, blonde/ pink Max is at the bottom of the pile.
He is such a sweet wee guy, though, and cheerfully dodges the other pigs and stays out of trouble.
His sister Vera is a feisty little drama queen, on the other hand, full of theatrics and not afraid of trouble, a clever and strong willed little madam.
They are adorable and so cute looking, and are coming round to sanctuary life and all the hustle and bustle of visiting days.
They spent their first two years in a garden with a shed, but the family were moving to a house without a garden so they needed them gone.. ...

#sad #pigsareforlife #liveandletlive #animalsanctuary
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Our boy Francisco doesn't require much introduction 😂
He is a 3 and a half year old Vietnamese pot belly cross, who thinks he is a dog or a human!
He came to us as a failed micro pig at just 3 or 4 months old, and now weighs over 20 stone.
It was the dead of winter when he was dropped off, and he was used to sleeping in the house, so of course we let him, thinking that he would move in with the older pigs when he could. That has actually never happened, and he still sleeps in the house with the dogs 😂
He is the sweetest boy, happy and inquisitive, likes to visit the neighbour and makes friends everywhere. ❤️😍

#potbelly #pigs #friendsnotfood #govegan
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