Goats - Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland - TASS

Barney and Basil, two bagot goats. These two lads were surplus to a breeding program, and like most billy goats faced an uncertain future at the livestock market. They are now safe to live out their natural lives at the sanctuary, and are coming out of their shells. Full of nonsense and fun, Barney and his brother Basil are curious and cheeky like all goats, although Basil is the shy one.

Mouse (tan and white) and Indy (grey) are two pygmy goats, who were bought online by someone who then decided they were't 'pygmy' enough. They fit right in with our motley crew!

Daisy, a retired dairy goat, and her son Bramble and daughter Rosie, three white Saanen x nubians, came to live here after their previous owner couldn't look after them anymore.

All the goats hang out together and free range on the sanctuary


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