Our Dogs - Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland - TASS

our three dogs are rescues, Beany is the boss. She is an older staffy cross, and likes to make sure everything is just so. She is a great help, and she knows it!

Ziggy is a greyhound, still a baby at heart, a gentle soul with a love of sleeping on comfy couches.

Young Mya is another bull breed cross, she is a sweet natured dog, but we are still working through some issues she has having been a stray. She also has some anxieties which cause her to bark, but we are confident that she will come through those as she learns and matures. She is best buddies with the pig who thinks he's a dog, Francisco.

All three dogs have been great with all the new arrivals at the sanctuary, they are not daft and understand that all new arrivals are part of the family, no matter how strange they might appear.

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