Resident Cats - Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland - TASS

two cats call the sanctuary their home, Tilly and Marvin. Tilly is a little drama queen who demands a lot of attention...when she is at home. She loves to be outside and when it's warm outside we hardly see her, and even in the wet and cold she does well outside due to her thick coat. Her white paws are always immaculate. Always.

Marvin is a little house mouse, he goes out, but reluctantly, and certainly not when it's wet or cold. He is quite a delicate cat with thin, silky fur, best suited for sleeping all day.

Neither of the cats put up with any nonsense from the dogs, and they don't bother the hens. They pretend to dislike each other, but will share a lap on a cold day.

Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland - Helping provide sanctuary for animals in Scotland.